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With educated professionals, large experience and knowledge of the African market, we offer services for Waiver documents and Cargo Tracking Notes.

We are the best Waiver, CTN, FERI BSC, BESC provider in the world for 24 African countries.

We believe that preparing Cargo Tracking Notes does not have to be expensive!

Independent Waiver Service BV is the first European independent office specialized in creating Waiver documents, better known as Cargo Tracking Note. We are able to create Waiver documents world-wide from any loading port to any waiver required country. Nowadays you require a cargo Tracking Note for 24 African countries.

With educated professionals, large experience and knowledge of the African market, we are proud to offer an excellent service!

Our main focus is to get your Waiver document  / Cargo Tracking Note validated in the shortest time possible, mainly within 24 hours. We are aware of the latest regulations, we know who to contact and we have a quick response time. Just contact us to get a clear and honest advise. No need to worry anymore about the custom clearance of your shipment.

Furthermore, Independent Waiver Service is fully independent: we are specialized in providing Waiver documents / Cargo Tracking Notes only and we do not offer any freight forwarding services. From a freight forwarder’s point of view you can easily ask to establish a Waiver document for your customer without risking to lose it.

The procedure is quite simple: You send us the necessary documents and we take care of a validated Waiver document! Easy, Efficient and Cost Saving!

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Are you shipping to Africa? use our waiver service!

It's easy, efficient and cost saving!

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