It is easy, efficient and cost saving! Receive your final Cargo Tracking Note within 24 hours!


    When creating a Cargo Tracking Note you should be aware of the most recent legislations of each single African country for which a waiver is required. Just leave this with us and focus on your core business!


    To get a Cargo Tracking Note validated you need to get in contact with different authorities. Independent Waiver Service has built a strong network. We know who to contact to get a validated waiver document in no time. Hence we receive all required documentation in time we can get your Cargo Tracking Note validated within 24 hours! Our professional and unique online portal system allows you to submit a waiver document anytime and from any device.


    Independent Waiver Service can offer you more than just a waiver: we are the extension of your African export department. We are open-minded and proactive. By sharing our knowledge and due to our transparent work process we aim to achieve the most efficient business collaboration. Thanks to our transparency you know what to expect and what we need to get your Cargo Tracking Notevalidated!


    Independent Waiver Service is specialized in providing Waiver documents for all 24 waiver countries. We are not providing any freight forwarding services. So from a freight forwarder's perspective you can easily ask to establish a Cargo Tracing Note for your customer without risking to lose it. We are no competition at all!

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It's easy, efficient and cost saving!

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